Re: Philo seed advice needed.

Dear Sue, 

   As we've already commented in this list some time ago, the viability of
Philos' seeds are somewhat short (say 2 months or usually much less than
this). Your greenhouse would be great to grow your babies in the summer,
but you should remove them before the winter. As I already told you,
seedlings are very fragile (even here, in Brazil). When your plants get
older, you can try to grow them in the greenhouse along the entire year. I
have seen some plants of P. imbe growing on so weird places that I guess
they could grow almost everywhere!!! 
   I think I'm not the best one to talk about this, 'cause I'm living in
Brazil and here in Brasilia the temp. drops down to 50's in the coldest
days of the winter! Maybe there is anyone in this list that have some 
experience on growing Philos in colder areas. 

Hope it helps,


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