Re: Alvim Seidel Philodendron seeds - questions

Giving Alvim Siedel the benefit of the doubt - that they are
confident that they have for example 2 different sets of plants,
one made up of undulatums and one made up of eichleris, what
would give them this impression?  I would ask them, but it appears
that I can't overcome the language barrier.  Do they probably have
2 sets of identical plants and charge $35 for seeds from one group
and $50 for seeds from the other?  Perhaps one group is actually
hybrids?  The same question goes for the 6 potential varieties of
bipinnatifidum on the list and any other "duplicates".  I know
Tom Croat is looking into this and a few others mentioned that
they were doing homework of some sort - any input anyone?


> Dear Brian,
> If don't want huge species, you better stay far from P. evansii, P. 
> undulatum (= P.eichleri), P. grandifolium, P. ornatum, P. bipinnatifidum
> (=P.  mello-barretoanum, P. lundii and P. selloum), P.giganteum, P.
> undulatum and P. speciosum (the largest of all). Philodendron adamantinum
> is a good one if you want xerophytic plants as well as P. saxicolum.
> P.imbe is somewhat rustic and can support xeric conditions. P. 
> cymbispathum (currently known as P. brasiliense) is an aquatic plant and 
> usually grows along river banks or marshes (so it isn't xerophytic). 
> Hope it helps,
> Eduardo.

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