Am. henryi Seed Germination

This was precisely my experience with A. henryi seed.  Time to germinate 
was quite long.  Possibly there is a scarification process that can be 
used to speed it up(?)  Furthermore, not too long after the little 
plantlets appeared they died back.  I thought I had lost them, but what 
actually happened was tiny tubers had formed and were not much larger 
than the seed.  Most of these little tubers are now awakening.

Most of my Amorphophallus are now awakening. Those not already in medium 
have been going into medium as they show signs of life.  The first up 
were the bulbifers which seems to be the case evry year.

The Am titanums are finally dormant with the exception of a couple of 
plants which are refusing to sleep.

Don Burns   Plantation, FL USA   Zone 10b

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