Msg. from Duncan McAlpin

Fraser's Thimble Farms are offering the following Arisaema's and Aroids.
These are in  Canadian funds.

This is just reference data from their 97 catalog. Email address is below
on the bottom of the page.
Duncan McAlpine

A. amurense 1g  29.99
A. candidissima 1g 29.99
A. concinuum 1g 14.95
A. costatum Ribbed Cobra  1g 19.99
A. flavum 11cm 15.99
A franchetianum 1g 29.99
A. griffithii 1g 14.95
A. intermedium  1g      14.95
A. nepenthoides 1g 14.95
A. ringens      1g      19.99
A. serratum     1g      22.95
A. sikokina     1g      24.99
A. speciosum Showy Cobra Lily   1g      14.99
A. triphyllum   1g      6.99
A. tortusum     1g      12.95
A. urashima     1g      19.99
A. utile        1g      19.99
A. proboscideum 10cm 4.00
Arum dracunculus        1g      6.99
A. italicum albispathum 1g      6.99
A. maculatum    5.00
Pinellia pedatisecta    1g 12.99
P. tripartita "atropurpurea'1g 12.99

Not in the catalog but for sale
Arisaema. consanguineum
A erubescens
A. galeatum
A. jacquemontii
A. ochraceum
A. verrucosum

IN the fall
Arisaema. bockii
A. heterophyllum
A. brachyspathe
(as well as some 10+ Arums species)

They do ship to the US and they also do trades for other plants or seeds,
especially hardy Aroids.

You can email or fax and order
Fraser's Thimble Farms
175 Arbutus Rd
Salt Spring Island
B.C. V8K 1A3 Canada
250 5375788

Dewey E. Fisk, Plant Nut

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