Re: Alvim Seidel Philodendron seeds - questions

Dear Brian,

If don't want huge species, you better stay far from P. evansii, P. 
undulatum (= P.eichleri), P. grandifolium, P. ornatum, P. bipinnatifidum
(=P.  mello-barretoanum, P. lundii and P. selloum), P.giganteum, P.
undulatum and P. speciosum (the largest of all). Philodendron adamantinum
is a good one if you want xerophytic plants as well as P. saxicolum.
P.imbe is somewhat rustic and can support xeric conditions. P. 
cymbispathum (currently known as P. brasiliense) is an aquatic plant and 
usually grows along river banks or marshes (so it isn't xerophytic). 

Hope it helps,


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