RE: Anubias ID and help requested

From: 	Frank C. Marini
Sent: 	Saturday, March 29, 1997 12:15 PM
To: 	Julius Boos
Subject: 	Re: Anubias ID and help requested 

Thanks for the reply
If you remember from the first time I email you-A. gigantea was also a 
possiblity. However do you still think that this is an above water leaf? 
To your knowledge does a.gigantea produce above water leaves? I have 
gotten two new leaves on both plants.  Each plant has one new round 
spearpointed leaf and one that has a nubbed bottom(just like I was 
describing), It is however to early to tell if these knubbed leaves will 
crest the water surface
Dear Frank,
                 Anything is a possibility at this stage, as we're all making 
informed guess' UNTILL we see an infloresence!
  I believe all the species will produce both above and below water leaves if 
given the oppertunity.  In the book "AROIDS" by D. Bown there is a color photo 
of an infloresence of A. giganteus, and she says-"The largest"[of the genus]" 
is A. giganteus with hastate, almost trilobed, leaves".   I believe there is a 
review of the genus published, you may want to put a note out on this forum 
asking where it's available from.   Good luck-

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