Lost mail

Dear friends,
	unfortunately I have lost (an irreversible backup-floppydisk failure)
all my e-mail from 1st December to 15th March, hundred and more files. I
am sorry that I have lost so many interesting things but I am very very
sorry to have missed track on what I have promised to so many friends !!
Please, everyone who has sent me or received from me mail, if possible,
should send me a copy of the corrispondence (also my amswers!),
otherwise I cannot send the desired plants/seeds or I am missing
interesting tips.
Many thanks!!!!!!!!
Dr. Ing. Fausto CENI - Via Marsala 8  I-25122 BRESCIA (ITALY)
Tf   ++39 30 3756011  -  Fax  ++39 30 42435
E-mail   cendot@spidernet.it

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