Remusatia vivipara

R. vivipara has broken dormancy here and appears to be just as vigorous 
as last year. One inflorescence has already opened and spathe withered, 
and two more inflorescences appear to be in the works. Last year three 
appeared also. We also had three leaves last year so hopefully the plant 
will produce a repeat performance.

The plant was also particularly prolific in producing the aerial shoots 
with the tiny bulblets.  While the bulblets have for the most part been 
blown about by the wind, the shoots are still alive. Some of the shoots 
are vertical while others are circling the container just above the 
medium but staying within the container's confines. 

I cut off several of these shoots and this is when I noticed that they 
are still green and moist inside. Does cutting these affect the plant 
in any way? Has anyone tried rooting new plants from these shoots?


Don Burns   Plantation, FL USA   Zone 10b

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