Re: A. bulbifer

Hi All:

My Amorph bulbifer (thanks Wilbert) has just gone down after a seven month
run. This is the first time I have grown one and it came up from a rather
featureless 2.5 cm teardrop shaped tuber. The tuber now looks like a
"normal" Amorph tuber, round and fat, with a relatively large main growing
point and several smaller pup bumps ringing the main one.  Living up to its
name, it produced an odd, warty looking 1.5 cm tuber at the top of its stem
and, except for the attachment scar, damned if I know which end is up. I
have now seen three distinctly different versions of a bulbifer tuber, all
from the same plant. Just when I think that I am getting used to the
weirdness of Amorph behaviour ... (I have a [now some] psycho konjac that
rarely behaves the same way two seasons running)

My question is: How long a rest period does bulbifer need before it starts
up again and when should I plant the new leaf offset and expect it to
sprout? Okay, that's _two_ questions ...

Kind Regards,


Rand Nicholson
New Brunswick
Maritime Canada, Z 5b

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