Re: Help with ID

Don:  My guess is that it is Anthurium schlechtendalii var. jimenezii
but I would be glad to look at your photos to be sure.  Certainly it
must be a member of sect. Pachyneurium and there are only 2-3 in that
> Dear Aroiders...
> While in Puerto Vallarta, I came across a large potted aroid (in
> fruit/flower) at the Paradisus Hotel.  I haven't gotten my pictures back
> yet, but in the meantime, the plant was perhaps somewhat less than 3 ft
> high and 3 ft wide.  The leaves were many, about 2 ft long, 6 inches wide
> and very short petioled, giving the plant the appearance of a large birds
> nest fern, but with heavier and darker green leaves.  Any suggestions for
> me to cogitate upon until my pictures come back?
> Don Martinson
> Medical College of Wisconsin
> Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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