Re: Pollinating Cryptocoryne

Dear Dean & Jan

In Cryptocoryninae I  saw, male flowers open generally only a day later
than the female flowers are receptive. In Lagenandra ovata and L.
praetermissa cultivated in Zurich and Basle (Switzerland), the whet stigma
of the female flowers are wilting then (Crypros are jsut too small to see
for me, and often whet). 

This implies that pollen of at least the same inflorescence is not
accepted in Cryptocoryninae. 

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Matyas Buzgo
Institute of Systematic Botany, University of Zurich
CH-8008 Zurich / Switzerland

buzgo@systbot.unizh ch

On Wed, 18 Mar 1998, Deansliger wrote:

> Jan Bastmeijer writes:
> << The situation in Cryptocoryne is quite clear. When the spathe opens, the
>  female flowers will accept pollen for about 24 hours. The male flowers
>  ripen in about three days, you you'll have to use two inflorescenses.>>
> Yes, but will the female flowers accept pollen from the male flowers of the
> same plant?  That was my question about Anubias.
> Dean Sliger

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