Pollinating Anubias

I have a question which I hope someone in this august gathering can answer.  I
have an Anubias barteri currently in bloom and I was wondering if anyone knows
if Anubias are self-sterile or not.  I've done some work with pollinating both
Callas and Spathiphyllums, so I'm familiar with the process but I don't want
to fool with doing it if there's no point. 

I've read conflicting reports that Cryptocorynes are self-sterile, but I've
never had two plants of the same species blooming at the same time so I
haven't been able to test that theory myself.

Of course, I could always cross the Anubias with one of my Anthuriums just to
see what happens... but then what would I call the resulting plants (if any)
-- Anubitheriums? ;-)

Dean Sliger

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