Spring, and the Synandrospadix are blooming ...

And therefore time for my annual Synandrospadix post. 

This year I am particularly interested in information on pollination and
self-compatibility of Synandrospadix, as I have two inflorescences. One
has just opened, the other should open within the next day or so. These
are on two offsets of the same clone, hence the self-compatibility

Also, has anyone else done any testing of the hardiness of this plant?
Since my plant forms offsets slowly (as in 1 each year, maybe 2 in a good
year), I put one outside in 1996. Unfortunately, it was not a good test -
while the tuber survived the winter without any sign of rot, it was
damaged by "itchy finger blight" in the spring, so I've no idea if the
climate or my impatience killed it.

Can anyone offer advice?


-- Steve Marak
-- samarak@arachne.uark.edu

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