Re: Philodendron Mello-Barretoanum

Dear Peter,

     I don't have the book here, but "Philodendron mello-barretoanum
G.M.Barroso" is, in fact, one of the different forms of the old and well
known P. bipinnatifidum, with hard and long intravaginal squamules
("spiny-trunk"), a very divided leaf blade. This form occurs in the state
of Goias and I have seen some plants of it in the wild. It is quite huge,
climbing up to 10m in the host tree. Well, I'm not shure about it, but I
think that you can buy some seeds of such "species" from Alvim Seidel,
here in Brazil. I don't have the Seidel's list of Philos anymore, but
certainly someone in aroid-l will check on it and contact you again. 

Hope it helps,


On Thu, 8 May 1997 wrote:

> Dear Aroiders
> In the book "Tropical Gardens" by William Warren is on page 136
> a selfheading philodendron which I was told by a friend is P. Mello-
> Barretoanum. Could anybody confirm this and would anybody know where I 
> could purchase one of them.
> Many Thanks
> Peter Wunderlin

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