Re: Philodendron Mello-Barretoanum

eduardo gomes goncalves wrote:
> Dear Peter,
>      I don't have the book here, but "Philodendron mello-barretoanum
> G.M.Barroso" is, in fact, one of the different forms of the old and well
> known P. bipinnatifidum, with hard and long intravaginal squamules
> ("spiny-trunk"), a very divided leaf blade. This form occurs in the state
> of Goias and I have seen some plants of it in the wild. It is quite huge,
> climbing up to 10m in the host tree. Well, I'm not shure about it, but I
> think that you can buy some seeds of such "species" from Alvim Seidel,
> here in Brazil. I don't have the Seidel's list of Philos anymore, but
> certainly someone in aroid-l will check on it and contact you again.
> Hope it helps,
> Eduardo.
> On Thu, 8 May 1997 wrote:
> > Dear Aroiders
> > In the book "Tropical Gardens" by William Warren is on page 136
> > a selfheading philodendron which I was told by a friend is P. Mello-
> > Barretoanum. Could anybody confirm this and would anybody know where I
> > could purchase one of them.
> > Many Thanks
> > Peter Wunderlin
> >
> >Dear Peter
Eduardo was correct in his view that Alvim Seidel of Brazil do have seed 
of P.mello-barretoanum in their catalogue. There is currently a large 
order of philo seeds being placed for aroid-l members which is being 
admirably organised by Todd Ruth in San Diego. Suggest you contact Todd 
direct and see if its not too late to take part:

             Todd Ruth<>

Yes P.mello-barretoanum was reduced to synonomy with P.bipinnatifidum by 
Dr.Simon Mayo in his revision of Philodendron subgenus Meconostigma. This 
was published in the Kew Bulletin around 1991 and is well worth getting.
Neil Crafter
Adelaide Australia

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