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Sent: 	Thursday, May 08, 1997 9:05 PM
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     dear aroiders,
     at the end of june, i'll be going to indonesia to participate in a=20
     gamelan festival in yogjakarta.  after that, i will be travelling in=20
     java and possibly bali.  can anyone recommend or suggest places of=20
     botanical interest to visit and also what types of aroids i should=20
     encounter over there?  i intend to visit cibodas and bogor botanical=20
     gardens in java. =20
     thanks for any help.
     tsuh yang chen, new york city

Dear Tsuh Yang Chen,
>From my interest point of view, there is the wild form (according to A. Hay) 
of Cyrtosperma merkusii (used to be C. ferox), there is Podolasia stipitata, 
and Lasia spinosa, and, I`m sure other collectable aroids!  I hope to have 
short notes on two of the above up and published on the net before you leave.  
 If you`d like, let me know and I could mail you collecting localities for the 
plants I mentioned above. Good luck!
              Julius      ><

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