Taro and other aroids this spring in Virginia

Just a note to say that in tidewater Virginia, my Colocasia has survived
another winter outside.  As usual, the top of the corm gets very mushy
and soft but lots of shoots are coming up from the sides of it at the
moment.  I have it in full sun in sandy bayside soil along with other
large-leaved plants of tropical appearance at our house on the Chesapeake.
Very nice performance this winter from the Arum italicum also, still looking
green and healthy but no sign of flowers yet.  No sign of my Bletilla 
orchids this year, however...I hope the moles and voles haven't gotten them!
Deltaville is at the edge of zone 7/8...the last two winters, oleander has
survived there outside, as did my Gerbera.

In Charlottesville, spring is always a little later...the italicum has vanished
beneath the spring growth of hosta; I must make a note to seek it out.  It
doesn't appear to do as well in the clay-rich soil here as in Deltaville.
The Amorphophallus nepalensis I received from Wilbert has poked a little
green something out to test the spring air; still awaiting life from the
used-to-be-Sauromatum-now-something-else-to-be, the Am. bulbifer, Am. konjac,
Dracontium gigas.  Charlottesville is on the chilly side of zone 7, although
a recent computer-generated note from a bulb company puts us in zone 6.

Clear skies,
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