Re: Visiting Seattle

Greetings, Steve,
I write a book called "The Northwest Gardeners' Resource Directory" (the
Seventh edition just came out a  month ago and is thus quite current.)
Over the Memorial Day week-end (May 30-31) you could visit Heronswood
Nursery/gardens in Kingston with one of their rare Open Gardens days.  Dan
Hinkley's collection of aroids and love thereof is widely recognized.
Near-by is Reflective Gardens, where Kelly Dodson, also with an impressive
collection and knowledge of aroids will have his first Open Day.
Heronswood is open 10 a.m.-4 p.m. and Reflective Gardens is open 9:30
a.m.-4:30 p.m.   The Olympic Peninsula lies beyond. If you are interested
in this opportunity be forewarned that there is Heronswood madness afoot
and that many, many avid plant enthusiasts consider this akin to a
pilgrimage to Mecca.  Because of the holiday the ferries required to get
you from the Seattle area across to the Kingston area (either the
Bainbridge Island ferry from downtown Seattle to Winslow then a drive of
about 40 minutes north) or the Edmonds-Kingston ferry (Edmonds is about
20-25 minutes north of downtown Seattle, then the drive to Heronswood is
about 15 minutes) will be remarkably busy.  If any of this sounds
interesting let me know and I will e-mail you with further details (ferry
schedule info etc.)
	Another major resource for you to contact would be this group's Scott
Vergara who has just started a very special new (by appointment only)
nursery.  For the information of others on this group, here is an excerpt
from my book:
*  Botanical Resources:
P.O. Box 669, Burley, WA 98322-0669;  (360) 876-4620;  FAX available, call
first;  e-mail:
Plant List:  free with SASE
Retail and wholesale to the continental U.S. currently;  shipping
year-round depending on species
Location:  call for an appointment and receive directions
New to the nursery business end of horticulture but a practiced veteran in
many other aspects of the field most of his life, Scott Vergara brings his
considerable knowledge to a community of plant fanatics anxious to welcome
his progeny.  Educated and trained as a plant breeder and propagator,
Scott=92s interests include bringing new plants to the market and
re-selecting or "tweaking" older varieties with an interest especially in
pest resistance.  He has begun a breeding program with hellebores and
epimedium to watch for in 1998, but in the meantime slake your thirst with
tuberous Aroids (especially Arisaema, Arum, Amorphophallus and some other
sub-tropical genera); Cyclamen species; Carnivorous plants (especially
Sarracenia species and hybrids, Nepenthes species and hybrids);  selected
aquatic site/bog plants (northwest natives and exotics);  selected
perennials and woody plants;  and variegated plants.  Well, he pushes most
of my botanical buttons! =20

Cheers, and have a fabulous visit in this area!
Stephanie Feeney
(under HOT TIPS is a listing of the Heronswood and Reflective Gardens open

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