RE: Typhonodorum

From: on behalf of eduardo gomes goncalves
Sent: 	Friday, May 16, 1997 5:48 PM
To: 	Julius Boos
Subject: 	Typhonodorum 

>Dear aroidelers, 

 >    Yesterday, a packet with 4 (huge) seeds of Typhonodorum lindleyanum
>Schott arrived in my mailbox, sent by a friend of mine from Belo Horizonte
>(a Brazilian city). Obviously I enjoyed the surprise, but I have to admit
>that I really don't know how to germinate (and cultivate) such species. I
>know it is a true WD (water-dweller) from Madagascar and it was one of the
>Burle-Marx's favourite to use in artificial ponds. In fact, we have a good
>number of specimens growing in some government's buildings here in
>Brasilia. But I'd love to know if any of you had any kind of experience
>with the germination (and further cultivation) of this marvelous plant. 

>Best wishes, 


My friend Eduardo,
Once again, I`ve grown this!   Put the seeds to float in a bowl of water, they 
will put up a long (2")"stem" and roots (about 2-3 weeks or longer!), at which 
point you pot them up as you`d do other water dwellers.   I found that if I 
put the seeds on soil too early, they rotted at the point of contact with the 
soil.   You could also try germinating them on wet sand as in Urospatha and 
Dracontioides where the developing roots had something to go into, but the 
float-in-water method worked perfectly for me,  100% sucess. 
I will copy a very informative article on the propagation of this plant from 
"Aroideana", Vol. 13, 1990, and get it in the mail together with the photos I 
had previously mentioned, today.
Good growing!

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