Hello all!
Gonatopus was mentioned recently as a genus that forms new plants from
dropped leaflets, and that there were two species. I have three different
plants and would like help in identifying them. The first species came from
Fairchild TG and I assume to be G. boivinii. It has a dark leafstem with
banding of dark purple and silver-grey. The spathe is very light
green-white with tiny flecks of dark purple lines. 
The second species is probably a type of boivinii, but it is very
different. The colors are reversed, with the leafstem being very light
silver-grey in color, with just a little of dark purple banding splashed
around. The spathe is very dark, with the dark purple lines covering almost
the entire spathe. The background is still light green, and the spadixes
appear to be the same. I call this one 'Grey Ghost'.
The third species is very different than the first two. It is much larger
in all respects, and the color of the leafstem is a very pretty shade of
green, like the color of fresh garden peas. I call this one 'Jolly Green
Giant'! There is no mottling of other colors at all. The plants get almost
twice as big as the other two, and it still hasn't flowered yet. It
originally came from Scott Hyndman.
One other question about Amorpho. bulbifer. I had two flowers this spring,
the larger one having almost no smell, even after 5 days, and the smaller
and later, one which had a dead goat smell on the second day. It could be
noticed at least 100 feet away and promptly got cut off and thrown out in a
far away place. These are from the same clone, and were identical except
for size. Why the difference in smell?

Don Bittel

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