Re: Typhonodorum

Hi Eduardo, if you will plant them in a shallow tray about 2 x the depth 
of the seed, in straight peatmoss which you can flood, they should do
fine.  Once they are about 10 cm high they will have enough roots to
transplant.  Do give them a lot of light as they seem to grow weakly
under shade.  Fertilize with liquid every week and do not put them in
deep water until they are 1/2 meter high.

This has been successful for me.


On Fri, 16 May 1997, eduardo
gomes goncalves wrote:

> Dear aroidelers, 
>      Yesterday, a packet with 4 (huge) seeds of Typhonodorum lindleyanum
> Schott arrived in my mailbox, sent by a friend of mine from Belo Horizonte
> (a Brazilian city). Obviously I enjoyed the surprise, but I have to admit
> that I really don't know how to germinate (and cultivate) such species. I
> know it is a true WD (water-dweller) from Madagascar and it was one of the
> Burle-Marx's favourite to use in artificial ponds. In fact, we have a good
> number of specimens growing in some government's buildings here in
> Brasilia. But I'd love to know if any of you had any kind of experience
> with the germination (and further cultivation) of this marvelous plant. 
> Best wishes, 
> Eduardo. 

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