More on Synchonized Germina

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A few months back, there were some postings regarding synchronized germination
of Amorph. Henryi and others. I have a twist on that, for the record. As
others observed, my Henryi began germinating together over a two or three week
period about two or three months ago. Because Wilbert was so generous with his
seeds, I had to scrounge (sp? word?) for extra pots, including one too large
to put in a plastic freezer bag. The seed in the large pot did not germinate
with the others, but are only now germinating - still synchronized, but about
two months later. Probably an effect of the more even moisture in the bags. I
doubt it was temperature or light, since they were side-by-side. All are doing
very well. Nice seed, Wilbert. Interesting.

clark riley, baltimore

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