Anthurium culture help?

I just got a great-looking anthurium the other day by the name of "royal
orange" which I am totally in love with! It looks a little beat up, and
like to buff it up a little, but there seems to be such a lack of
info available on the net for these guys. I did read something about
using a
peat/pinebark/perlite sort of a mix for the soil, and I was a little
disturbed, because I know it's not growing in anything quite like that.
I got it, it had been knocked around, and was hanging out of the pot by
few roots, so I unpotted it, and then repotted using the same mix it
in, but added quite a bit of vermiculite to improve drainage. The soil
came with seems to be regular black soil. I hate disrupt or stress the
again, but is this totally the wrong media for it? Should it be repotted
asap? I did give it a good watering with superthrive after, and am
that this will help reduce some of the shock. It is currently in my
in a large south-facing window. Any help and cultural info would be
appreciated! Thanks

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