Re: Moles, Voles or the like


        Sorry to hear of your hungry voles.  I have had similar problems
before we declared war!  Voles are actually quite easy to kill if you follow
three simple steps.  We use a product called Rozol, although any rat killer
will work except Warfarin based products. #1 - bait must be placed every 10'
thru the planted area.  If you can't find a run, simply dump it on the ground.

        Step #2, you must cover the bait as voles only feed in the dark.  We
use upside down clay flower pots.

        Step #3  Bait must be replaced 14 days after original.  Three weeks
will not work!  If after the second feeding, the bait continues to disappear
(unlikely) continue the feeding.  We feed in the spring and fall only.
After 2 seasons of treating, we have now gone 3 years with virtually no
voles.  In university tests, 98% control has been achieved.  Those without
sucess have not followed the above steps.  I hope this helps.
Tony Avent
Plant Delights Nursery
9241 Sauls Road
Raleigh, NC  27603
ph 919 772-4794
fx 919 662-0370
USDA zone 7, 0F-100F
"I Consider Every Plant Hardy Until I Have Killed It Myself...Three Times" -

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