Taro 'Voodoo' ???

At a local nursery today which offers many water garden plants, I was
checking off the various colocasia species and cultivars when I saw
something new to me - it was labeled "Black stem taro 'Voodoo'".

It was by far the blackest leaf on a taro I have ever seen - I'm familiar
with C. antiquorum 'Illustris' (which they also had, in a very nice dark
clone) but this was much darker. Stems and leaves on the 2 rather small
plants I saw (in 4-5 in [10-12 cm] pots and at most 15 in [38 cm] tall)
appeared entirely black. Very attractive.

Does anyone know anything about this plant, as to sources, eventual size,


-- Steve Marak
-- samarak@arachne.uark.edu

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