Re: ?

Dear M.J. Hatfield

Do nothing! Keep the pot dry but cool (don't allow it to bake). In 
mid-July empty the pot and carefully remove the tubers. Replant them 
in your standard arum-growing mix at about 2.5 cm depth c. 5 tubers 
to a 10 cm pot and give the pot a good water. The new growth will 
soon appear and one it does grow them vigorously in good light with 
feed every other watering. It may even pay you to pot them on 
(without disturbing the tubers) into a 15 cm pot about half-way 
through the growing season and continue to keep them growing. next 
year do exactly the same but when you come to re-pot in mid-july 
you'll probably need to do one tuber to a 8 cm pot and to pot that on 
(again without disturbing) into a 15. By the third year some of the 
more vigorous tubers will probably flower.


Peter Boyce
Royal Botanic Gardens

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