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Dear MJ Hatfield:

In reply to your interest in the horticulture of Arum cyrenaicum, the only
member of the genus native to Africa and occurs in the coastal regions of
Lybia, we do not have any specific information regarding this species. 
However, general horticultural practices that typify growing all members of
the genus are described in the New York Botanical Garden Encyclopedia of
Horticulture, where it states:  "The tubers must be planted deep enough to
allow for the development of roots from their upper sides.  An annual mulch
of leaf mold, peat moss, ... may be needed.  Care must be taken that the
soil is moist at all times when foliage is in evidence.  When grown in pots
or pans, good drainage is necessary.  A fertile soil containing generous
amounts of peat moss or leaf mold is used.  Potting and repotting is done
in fall or winter before new growth begins.  When is active growth potted
specimens benefit from applications of dilute liquid fertilizer.  As the
leaves die naturally, watering is gradually reduced and finally withheld
altogether and the soil kept dry until the beginning of the next growth

I hope the foregoing is of some help.

Scott Lucas

> From: MJ Hatfield <>
> To:
> Subject: ?
> Date: Friday, May 30, 1997 3:49 AM
> On 10/12/96 I planted seed of Arum cyrenaicum. They grew and are now
> dormant. What should I do? I'm afraid that my copy of "The Genus Arum"
> has not yet arrived and I am unfamiliar with this plant. Help!
> Thank you.
> MJ Hatfield

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