RE: ID from colloquial name

From: on behalf of Don Martinson
Sent: 	Wednesday, May 21, 1997 11:39 AM
To: 	Julius Boos
Subject: 	ID from colloquial name

As there have been several recent posts regarding the identification of
items by their colloquial names, I recently picked up what appears to be a
taro-like tuber, fairly rounded (although some others were more elongated),
about 2.5"/6cm in diameter.  It was in an Indian grocery store and the box
was marked "ARWI  (Terra Root)".  Is anyone familiar with this designation.

Don Martinson

Dear Don,
Your Aroid is Colocasia esculenta, probably the eddoes type. Check if the 
corms are about the size of eggs or slightly larger, elongate, and the narrow 
tip uncut.  If they are substantially larger, have the tops and bottoms 
trimmed off, they are dasheen types. As I previously mentioned, the eddoe type 
has been assigned the names C. e. var. antiquorum (or globlifera) while the 
dasheen type is C.e. var.esculenta.  This can be confusing, as there are many 
distinct varieties of the larger dasheen type;  I`ve come across at least two 
or three here in S. Florida, not counting the eddoes, which are pretty stable.
"Arvi" (or "Arwi") is the Indian name, and "tierra root" was probably intended 
to read "taro root", the Hawai`an name for Colocasias; their varieties are 
then separated further by other Hawai`ian variety names such as "kumu", "piko 
lehua", "uahi apele", etc..  
Hope the above is of help.
P.S.  In re-reading your discription, it seems that they def. are eddoes.  
Peel them and try them in soups!!    J.

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