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Date: Fri, 01 May 1998 12:24:07 +0200
From: Wilbert Hetterscheid <>
Subject: Re: Amorphophallus (not so) titanum!! (fwd)

Aroiders & other nuts,

O.k. here is my 2 cents worth of data on the titanum flowering discussion.
The smallest ever recorded toitanum inflorescence developed on a 9K tuber!
The seeds Jim sent you all, are genuine titanum. I know it, because I
picked them myself with Jim from a giant infructescence. We also
distributed gigas (brooksii). The only other species we ran into frequently
was prainii but we did not send any seeds of that around THAT time. I know
that Jim collected seeds in an earlier expedition on which I wasn't present
and I know he did collect prainii on that occasion but I don't know if he
distributed that. Don't think so. 

So, let's wait and see kathy's photos!


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