Re: Dracunculus vulgaris and it's streaked variation

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James W. Waddick <> writes
>Dear les;
>       I'll add that this plant should be grown in full sun, but can
>tolerate slight shade. I also think good drainage is important although it
>can also tolerate some moisture especially in spring.
>       I'd give  mature height about 36-40 inches.
>       And speaking of  D. v.  I have seen some plants with lots of silver
>streak marks in the foliage along the veins and other plants with little or
>no silver streaking. It seems small plants show this less than mature
>plants too. I'd sure like to get a heavily silver streaked form-anyone have
>a lead?
>       Anyone know of a variegated D.v.?
>       best            jim W.

The form which has streaks or flecks in the foliage is often thought to
originate on the island of Crete - and it certainly grows there
abundantly.  However, having just returned from the Greek Dodecanese
islands where the plant is currently in flower, I can report that the
flecked form is also widespread on the islands of Kos and Symi.  There
appears to be no appreciable difference between the flecking on mature
plants and seedlings.
Martyn Denney
Farnborough, Hampshire, UK.

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