Aroiders- about those droplets inside the spathe, I have seen the same
droplets on the sterile appendage portion of the spadix of A. konjac.  I
have touched the droplets and then regretted it, having to wash my hands
over and over to get the stench off.  There was one time that I had a
konjac blooming and I happened to be pretty angry at someone and I daydreamed
of collecting those droplets and smearing them on the person's chair at
his desk when he was out of the office.  Then, (in my daydream) he would
return and sit down and then the stench would be on the back of his pants
all day!  ...Anyway, seriously, those droplets are only present when the
plant is really scenting.   The titanum is no longer scenting, so I won't
be able to have the droplets analalyzed.  I couldn't feel any noticeable
change in the temperature around the spadix when it was really scenting, so
I'm not sure about thermogenensis.  Does anyone else remember seeing such

-Kathy Upton

P.S.  And no, it was NOT Tom Croat that I was mad at!  It was someone else
at the Garden and Tom remembers who!

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