RE: Pale Green Gonatopus

Steve's message on this subject woke up my memory. One of my two green 
Gonatopus came from Phil, the other from Dewey. They appear to be 
identical plants. One of them during last season was as tall as, or taller 
than G. Boivinii. But neither have flowered. In contrast G. boivinii 
has flowered in years when the petioles were much shorter. Furthermore, 
the green plants stayed awake several months longer than boivinii. So to 
this casual observer boivinii and the "green" plant are quite different 

I don't have a photo to post but will make sure that I get a picture once 
these tubers awaken this summer. Hopefully we will have inflorescences to 
look at.

Don Burns   Plantation, FL USA   Zone 10b

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