Droplets Inside of Kathy Upton's Am. titanum Spathe


Regarding the spectacular phenological photos Kathy Upton is kindly
documenting the flowering of her Amorphophallus titanum with at
http://www.mobot.org/IAS/Image/Aroid/Upton/titanum.html, does anyone
have any ideas as to the origin and significance of the "glistening
droplets" she mentions and illustrates on photos five and seven?  Has
anyone ever seen this before during the flowering of Am. titanum?  Has
anyone ever seen this phenomenon during the flowering of other Am.
species, as well as during the flowering of species in other aroid

Perhaps the droplets are the liquid from which the putrid stench is
volatilizing from.  Alternatively, in a prior posting announcing her web
page, Kathy mentioned that she had increased the relative humidity of
the little stinker's flowering room.  Could the thermogenesis of the
spadix be causing humidity condensation on the spathe?  I suppose if the
temperatures of the air, the spathe, and the spadix were just right in
conjunction with  a correspondingly matched relative humidity,
condensation could conceivably occur.

Kathy, can you still collect some of the fluid so that perhaps it could
be analyzed?  Also, with regard to spadix thermogenesis, did the spadix
heat up during the opening of the inflorescence?

Does anyone else have any thoughts on or experiences with the droplets?

Regards,  Scott

Mr. Scott E. Hyndman
Winter Park, Florida
E-mail:  scothynd@magicnet.net

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