RE: Pale Green Gonatopus

Don, Wilbert, and others,

Back from St. Louis and with a few (rare) free moments ...

I have a Gonatopus that sounds very similar to Don's - all green (i.e.,
petiole and leaflets), looks like it will reach about the same ultimate
size as my largest "normal" G. boivinii but has somewhat fewer, though
larger, leaflets. I don't recall the tuber's appearance; my Gonatopus seem
to need (and therefore get) very little attention.

My plant came from Phil Mueller, in one of the last shipments he sent
before he went sailing. As he was pretty rushed, it was a small tuber
labeled only "green gonatopus". It has grown nicely, and might well flower
at next emergence. Since this topic arose, I've been trying to remember
our conversations about it without much success. I don't think he knew
whether it was a boivinii or something different, nor do I recall where he
got it.

I haven't tried propagating it - I assume it would be as easy to root
leaflets as the the usual one.


-- Steve Marak

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