Re: Dracunculus vulgaris and it's streaked variation

>Thanks all for the great info on Dracunculus.
>One question remains though...
>Is it reliably hardy in zone 7a or should I be digging it up at the end of
>the season?  If I should, is it similar to Amorphophallus in tuber
>production?  (If it is, then storing it will be no problem.)
>         Les

Dear Les;
	I guess I didn't state the obvious that I grow it here and have
seen big plants here at the Zone 5/6 border. I am sure it would  be winter
hardy in the ground for you in Zone 7 as long as it is not grown wet. I'd
also think it wouldn't much like digging and storing as it emerges fairly

	Should be no problem for you outdoors.

		Jim  W.

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