Hi everyone,

I just had to share this with someone! Living in London I have the benefit of
being surrounded by peoples of all races and so in greengrocers here you can
easily find foods from as far apart as the West Indies, China, Turkey etc.
This means that it is easy to find the many types of Taro, Eddoes, Yams etc.
But imagine my surprise when on walking past what looked like an Indian
grocers I saw in  a basket outside 2 large (5-6 in) round tubers with central
depressions and rings of root scars - Amorphophallus! I know that A.
paeonifolius is widely grown for food in many parts of Asia but have never
seen them for sale in Britain before. On inquiring I found that the shopkeeper
is from Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) and that the tubers are traditionally
sliced and fried and added to curries and has a local name which means curry-
      Having persuaded him not to cut them in half to weigh them (they were
too heavy for his scales) I was then charged the princely sum of 5 US dollars
each!! This has to be the bargain of the year for me and I can't wait until
they start growing. Although the tubers are similar to those of A.konjac they
have many more root scars arranged in very even rings around the tuber. So
hunt down your Sri Lankan grocers and see if they know/ stock this species!

Happy growing to all,  Geoffrey

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