Re: Help i.d. these aroids

Well, I gotta get one of those from you--if for no other
reason than to see what a true X. sagittifolia really is.  Mr.
Boos and Eduardo seem to think what I have (and what is pictured 
at the Mansell site) is X. violacea.  That was my second thought 
about what I have.  If so, there are many cultivars here in 
Houston.  I recently went to a mom-and-pop place at which the 
hubbie specializes in growing "rare" things, most of which he has
no idea as to the identity.  He had a number of plants whose leaf 
color (not to mention petiole color) ranged from the dark, almost 
bluish green I have, to almost black.  He thought they were Colocasia 
forms.  I couldn't argue with him, but the leaf shape and size were 
so alike my X's that I feel these are forms of it.

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