Re: Calla color

Hi Donna,
Some of my Zanthedeschia rehmanii were spectacular while in bloom last year.
I did notice a couple of the pink Calla looked a little grayed. Last year I
ran an ad in the North Carolina Agriculture Review
( and sold almost everyone of my
Callas. I could have sold twice as many if I had them. Maybe your Callas need
new homes also.
I'll miss not having the Callas in bloom in my yard this year and the
beautiful long lasting boutiques.
Judy Bauer
8440 Huckleberry Trail
Concord NC 28027
US plant zone 7

Donna Maroni wrote:

> I have had Zanthedeschia rehmanii for many years.  I got them as a potted
> plant with nice strong pink blooms.  In the garden (acid clay, no
> supplemental water), they flower well, but the color is very washed out
> with only a tinge of pink. Do these callas require any special conditions
> for proper color development?
> Donna Maroni, Zone 7

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