Re: Help i.d. these aroids

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From: Bob Riffle <>
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Date: Wednesday, May 13, 1998 10:08 PM
Subject: Re: Help i.d. these aroids
Dear Bob,
The commoner blackish Aroids generally seen for sale are mostly Colocasia
sp.  To tell them apart at a glance from the available Xanthosoma species,
look at the area where the two upper lobes of the leaf come together on
their way down to the petiole (stem).  In Colocasias they will join before
they touch the petiole (peltate leaf blade), while in Xanthosomas they end
at the main ribs BEFORE these ribs continue down to the top of the petiole
(sagittate leaf blade).  Hope this helps.

Well, I gotta get one of those from you--if for no other
reason than to see what a true X. sagittifolia really is.  Mr.
Boos and Eduardo seem to think what I have (and what is pictured
at the Mansell site) is X. violacea.  That was my second thought
about what I have.  If so, there are many cultivars here in
Houston.  I recently went to a mom-and-pop place at which the
hubbie specializes in growing "rare" things, most of which he has
no idea as to the identity.  He had a number of plants whose leaf
color (not to mention petiole color) ranged from the dark, almost
bluish green I have, to almost black.  He thought they were Colocasia
forms.  I couldn't argue with him, but the leaf shape and size were
so alike my X's that I feel these are forms of it.

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