VIII Int. Aroid Conference Posters

Posters proclaiming Dr. Tom Croat's "VIII International Aroid Conference"
are now available.  Stig Dalstrom, widely acclaimed artist and botanical
illustrator, produced the painting for this poster. In his ineffable style,
Stig offers a unique view of  the Lita, Ecuador environs, a threatened
region recognized as a botanical "hot spot" for species diversity in the
Neotropics. Moss-covered trees heavily laden with epiphytic aroids and other
plants endemic to this area rise in the background. Prominent in this
realistically lush rainforest scene is Anthurium andreanum with two
magnificent red inflorescences. Other notable features include a palm tree
with an Aroid growing in the boots, while a small stream meandering through
the landscape eventually cascades into a rocky waterfall. Elegant, minute
details draw the viewer's eye deeper... flowering bromeliads nest in a tree
canopy's upper branches, and Phragmipedium hertzii perches on a rock face
overlooking the waterfall. Poster size is 18" x 24".

posters are $5 each plus appropriate postage and packaging below

POSTAGE AND PACKAGING (Reusable Mailing Tube):
Note: Shipping prices are for one address only. Up to three posters can be
shipped to the same address in one tube. If mailing to more than one
address, shipping and packaging must be priced for each delivery address.

US locations:

1 poster ($5.) plus postage & shipping                  $8.15
2 posters ($5. each) plus postage & shipping         $8.61
3 posters ($5. each) plus postage & shipping         $9.07

International locations:
1 poster ($5.) plus postage & shipping                   $10.06
2 posters ($5. each) plus postage & shipping          $15.06
3 posters ($5. each) plus postage & shipping          $20.06

Methods of payment.
Checks are to be made PAYABLE TO THE IAS (or International Aroid Society,
if you want to spell it out).  BUT, mail them to me.  The reason is that if
mailed to the IAS Post Offic Box, delivery will be delayed for as much as
two weeks.  I will mail the posters and forward the check to the IAS

Send your checks to:

Dewey Fisk
10640 SW 51 Court
Davie, FL 33328

Credit Cards:
If you wish, you may charge this transaction to your Master Card or Visa.
However there is still a $3. Service Charge for every transaction.  If you
would like to charge your next years dues to the IAS at the same time, it
would be a little more economical

If you have any questions, please send me a private e-mail message at

I can give you my personal assurance that this Poster is one of the most
beautiful that I have ever seen.

Dewey Fisk
Corresponding Secretary
International Aroid Society

Dewey E. Fisk, Plant Nut
Your Source for Tropical Araceae

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