Re: Sauromatum vernosum (Voodoo lily. Syn. S. guttatum) seed

It can't be too complex to germinate S. venosums.  Actually, I've never
even bothered to do the work, the plant has done it itself.  I started with
6 tubers back in 1983 and now have masses of plants from the seeds that it
sends out on its own.  I live in zone 7a and just leave it outside and
ignore it (except for occasional miticide since this plant is a mite magnet).

If you live in NC, I'd suggest you just plant it outside in some spot that
gets dappled shade, kill any mite that lands on it and get set for massive
numbers of plants once it's big enough to bloom and set seed.

This is the same plant that the wholesale Van Bourgondien catalog sells as
Arum venosum.  They claim it to be a zone 10 plant but that's clearly an
exaggeration.  It does quite well in zone 7.

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