Re: Identification!!!!

	There is a lot of variabilty regarding cold hardyness.  Plants from dryer 
habitats tend to be preadapted to cold conditions.  For example A. sect. 
Pachyneurium seems to be better adapted than other groups.  That would 
also be true of high montane Andean species as well. 


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>  Hi everybody,
> I live in South Africa and have grown a fair amount of Anthuriums over the
> past year since I have joined you guys.
> With winter on our doorsteps I would like to know how much cold can
> Anthriums take as a general rule - if there is such a thing. 
> I stay in the Durban area and temperatures can  go down in extreme cases to
> about +5 deg C (+- 40 F).  Would this be a problem for Anthuriums?
> Many thanks
> Peter

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