Re: Three Plants, Several Questions

Don:  My croatii that I grow at home carrys about 5 leaves though some 
forms in the greenhouse do have more, I believe.
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> Subject:       Three Plants, Several Questions

> Having spent the better part of the day with the plants, I have several 
> questions.
> Anthurium croatii
> -----------------
> This is a delightful little plant with 7-fingered leaves, petioles about 
> 5 inches long. One of the two previous leaves just turned brown and fell 
> off, and this happened so quickly that I became worried about a possible 
> problem. But a tiny leaf is emerging so maybe all is ok. Can I ever 
> expect more leaves than two? How large will this little guy become?
> Philodendron Burle Marx "Fantasy"
> ---------------------------------
> This is an incredibly slow growing plant that has been leafless for over 
> one year. All that's there is a 3-inch dark green stem, with a couple of 
> frail short roots. What can I do to stimulate growth, in particular some 
> leaves? The plant has been in this condition for over 12 months, and its 
> rather remarkable that its still alive.
> Gonatopus angustus
> ------------------
> This is an interesting multi-leaved Gonatopus. Leaves are usually no longer 
> than 20 cm. The plant has a rather large and odd shaped tuber giving the 
> impression that the leaves will be large, but this is not the case. I 
> recall Wilbert saying that this is typical behavior for this species. My 
> question is, what stimulates flowering? Both tubers have been in my 
> collection for three years but have never flowered.
> Don
> Don Burns   Plantation, FL USA   Zone 10b

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