Re: Three Plants, Several Questions

> Anthurium croatii
> -----------------
> This is a delightful little plant with 7-fingered leaves, petioles about
> 5 inches long. One of the two previous leaves just turned brown and fell
> off, and this happened so quickly that I became worried about a possible
> problem. But a tiny leaf is emerging so maybe all is ok. Can I ever
> expect more leaves than two? How large will this little guy become?

Dear Don,

   I have seen lots of A. croatii in the field and their petioles can
reach almost 1 m long. Usually, they have 4 or 5 leaves each time and
the plants are strictly (as far as I know) terrestrial, with prostrate
stem. Flowering individuals arent so common in the wild, but I think
that they enjoy cultivation. As you should have noted, it isnt so
To improve the growth, try a ``stronger`` soil. They usually grow in
soils rich in humus, very near to a water stream. Probably you are using
an epiphitic mixture and I think it isnt enough.

I hope it helps,


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