Re: Anchomanes writes:
 > Dear all,
 > To those who replied regarding my mystery plants many thanks, especially to
 > Maurice Hinterding who suggested it might be Anchomanes hookeri which has the
 > green-brown bands I described. I am trying to contact the original supplier of
 > the plants (Hans Hvissers at the Free University Botanic Garden) to confirm if
 > this species was present next to the Anchomanes difformis he gave me, but
 > until I hear from him I am posting two pics on my ftp site and these can be
 > viewed on:
 > and mystery2.gif
 > It is a striking and beautiful species with very glossy leaves and I am
 > immensely pleased to have it!

I have a few specimens of Anchomanes hookeri which Phil Mueller sent me
some years ago.  Mine have not shown banding such as I see at your
WWW site.  I think I may have photos of mine somewhere which I can scan
and put on my WWW site.  At the moment, it is putting up new leaves and
the only remaining ones are somewhat tattered, so I can't take a new one
right now.

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