Re: New Guinea aroid website?

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From: Lester Kallus <>
To: <>
Date: Thursday, May 28, 1998 4:13 PM
Subject: New Guinea aroid website?
Dear Les,
Indeed there is a WONDERFUL publication on the Aroids of New Guinea by A.
hay, and it is available from the Aroid Society here in Florida.  I have a
copy, and can give it my HIGHEST recomendation.   There is also a paper on
the Alocasias of New Guinea; I have a personal copy, but if "push comes to
shove", could make you a xerox. Let me know.

>A friend at work is about to spend several months in Australia and then New
Guinea.  I was sure I could find all sorts of information about the flora
of New Guinea and searched the web.  I came up with one page on ferns but
absolutely nothing else.  I looked through a few of the aroid websites but
could find no aroids listed as growing there.

Does anyone know of a website listing New Guinea aroids or anything else
that grows there?


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