More Wholesale Amorphophallus

The response to my first email was great and I got rid of about 1,000 corms
of A. konjac.  I still have about 300 golf ball size ones ($4.00) and lots
and lots of tiny ones about the size of a pea (85 cents).  I accept a
donation to UMASS for my research program and you receive your
tax-deductable corms.  Sorry its too much work to do on orders under 100.00.
Last call before I toss them out. 

Michael Marcotrigiano
Associate Professor
Rm 211 French Hall
Dept. of Plant and Soil Sciences
Univ of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003-4210
phone: 413-545-5227
fax: 413-545-3075

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