Re: Books on aroids and tropicals

This fantastic and MOST informative volume is THE difinitive work on the
GENERA (not SPECIES!) of ALL known ariods.  If one requires information on
SPECIES, then one has to look further afield, in volumes such as Deni Bown`s
"Aroids-Plants of the aroid family" (now sadly out of print).  If one is
interested in the genus Arum, then Peter boyce`s wonderful volume on this
genus is available.  For other genera, one must search one`s BUTT off for
information from obscure publications (back issues of Aroideana come to
mind).   And last but not least, we can do it ourselves by growing,
observing and publishing papers  on these little-known plants.  As one of us
noted, new finds are being recorded every day!  The fruit and seeds of
Pseudohydrosme are no longer unknown, as was said in "the bible", and
Zomicarpella sometimes produces up to three infloresences (not only one or
two) in each floral sympodium (pers. observation).
Let us all be VERY thankful that this group of plants has remained little
studied and relatively unknown untill now, which affords US the opportunity
to observe and make new discoveries every day we grow them, and that a great
void has been filled by The genera of Aroids.

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