RE: Re: Dracontium


Since you got the mixed Dracontium from Amsterdam, there is a fair
chance it is D. gigas, of which they have quite a clump.


> Thanks Dewey, I feel embarrased not to have tried the obvious source!
> So, yes
> I see now that I definitely have a Dracontium but I guess I will have
> to wait
> until it flowers (a year or 3 away yet) before getting a positive ID.
> If I can
> get back to the botanic garden in Amsterdam - which is where the
> Anchomanes in
> which it was mixed came from - then I can probably get a name from
> there.
> A second question: I have numerous seedlings of Anthurium
> atropurpureum coming
> along, anyone know what I can expect from it as an adult? ie. size,
> shape of
> adult leaves, spathe/spadix colour? The young plants look very
> attractive with
> broadly ovate-lanceolate leaves and seem to be strong growers.
> Many thanks again, 
> Geoffrey Kibby

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