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Date: Sunday, May 24, 1998 6:51 PM
Subject: Dracontium

Dear Geoff,
As Dewey has pointed out there are good photos and discriptions on Dr. Zhu`s
page of many species of the genus Dracontium, the problem will be that the
leaf/leaves of MOST of the species look alike, and one has to wait for them
to bloom to have a chance at identification.  You also use the plural
"stems", but Dracontium usually have a single petiole/stem (sometimes two)
from each tuber/bulbil, especially in their juv. growth.  Maybe you have
multiple bulbils growing together?  I look forward to seeing a photo.
Knowing the origin of the plant may help, so do you know where the
Anchomanes came from?  The little Dracontium bulbil that grew into the leaf
may have been a hitch-hiker in the pot.
Cheers and good luck,

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